Julie C Farmer

Julie Farmer, Julie C Farmer

Author! Who wants to be an Author? Julie certainly did and as a result she is now a Business and Children’s Author.  She loves writing and gets a lot of satisfaction from writing.

Julie had a dream, a dream that she could become an author but felt that she was never good enough.  She was someone who thought that writing was for someone else until she sat down and just started to write.  She made the decision that ‘even if other people don’t like what I write, I do’ and that’s how it began.

At first she wrote a few short stories and then some articles.  She is the author of a story for adults that she is never going to finish as she has fallen in love with the characters. Julie got her confidence by writing more stories. She became the author of three business books and a number of business procedures and computer manuals.

What is the Author – Julie C Farmer doing now?

Julie is currently now working on a series of six children’s books for 4-5 year old’s with some activities that can be completed with mum or dad, or a guardian.

She is also in the process of writing a fantasy story for 8-9 year old’s and is loving making a complete new world. The two main characters are young girls who are sent on a quest.

Julie likes to keep herself busy so is also writing a book about being bullied by your client for a business audience.

What does Julie say about writing?

‘Writing is for everyone, you just need to sit down and start and stop procrastinating’. In all honesty this statement came from a young man who wanted to be a journalist. He went out and found stories and papers to write for. He is now a professional journalist and is being sort out by a number of different publications. They are words that Julie took to heart and is now living by them.  Even if she is writing rubbish she is still writing something every day.

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