OK, let’s be honest here.  I tried to diet on my own last year and it worked to some extent. However, if I am honest, I didn’t really get anywhere. There was some success, I lost a few pounds here and there and put more on! Then a happy coincidenceRead More →

Losing weight with slimming world

I have decided not to calorie count on this diet or follow a strict kind of diet. I have tried these diets before and they work when I am on the diet, but when I stop, I put the weight back on. Logically I know I need to educate myRead More →

I know in my heart of hearts I should do some kind of exercise to lose weight but to be honest, I just don’t want to. I don’t mind walking as I have a little dog and she needs to exercise. I am very happy to walk her but toRead More →

HiFi Bars from Slimming World

The Slimming World HiFi bars are a slimmers saviour. Let’s be honest, those of us who have a bit of weight to lose have a sweet tooth. The mere mention of chocolate and we have gained two pounds and end up running to the nearest packet of crisps to comfortRead More →