Danger in the City

A shadow slowly crept over the page on which Sergeant Derek Blackmore was writing.  He put down his pen and slowly looked up.  A figure stood at the desk, a figure in black, but for silver buttons and more importantly pips, (bath stars to give them their proper name).

Blackmore knew Miranda Swallow had received confirmation from the Chief Constable of Cheshire that, having served for one year at the Police Staff College, Bramshill, plus one year in “The Field” as a Sergeant, plus a year of probation as an inspector, she was now a fully-fledged Inspector at 26!

He slowly stood up, back straight and held his shoulders back.  Almost in a whisper, he uttered a begrudging, ‘morning Ma’am’.

Saturday, 29th June 1974

Miranda knocked on the door of her old friend and a senior colleague, Chief Inspector Harry Lister, who was stationed at the Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters, on Nun’s Road, Chester.

‘Enter,’ came the friendly voice.  ‘Ah, good morning, Miranda,’ Harry greeted.

‘Good morning, Sir,’ Miranda returned.

‘Oh, please Miranda, it’s “Harry” at least in the office.’

She smiled sheepishly, ‘Harry’.

‘Do sit down, Miranda.  I’ve got some good news for you,’ he paused, then ‘well, that is I hope its good news.’ Miranda was intrigued.

‘You’re going back to Bramshill, Miranda, you’re to take an extensive, one-year course in investigative skills.  If all goes well, as soon as you get back, you’ll be transferred back to C.I.D.  You’ll be a Detective-Inspector.

Miranda sat back in the chair and exhaled deeply.  ‘But, I only worked in C.I.D for a few months’.

‘Well, Sergeant Callan was very impressed with the way you handled the Jim Talbot case and so were “The Brass”.  So, Harry smiled, ‘what do you say?’

After the initial shock had passed and the information had sunk in,

Miranda said, ‘I just don’t know what to say’.

‘Then don’t say anything.  Congratulation, Miranda.’ Harry said heartily.

‘Thanks, Harry.  So, when do I leave?’



Harry laughed, ‘I know.’ As Miranda made for the door, Harry added ‘Well done, Miranda, you’ve earned this, and I always knew you would.’

Miranda smiled.  ‘Thanks for your support, Harry.’