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I would never have thought I would actively live like a ghost because I am selling a house.  Nevertheless, I am now living like a ghost just in Selling a house comes with questionscase the estate agents have a drop by viewing.  It is ridiculous when you think about it.  How can you live in your own home, yet make it available for viewing at any time of the day or night and have the place look immaculate?

Just try it for the next few days, when you walk into a room what you have taken with you?  Did you go into a room to get something? If so what did you do with that item?  We very rarely walk into a room with nothing in our hands or out of a room.

What did you do last night? Did you have a hobby that you practised, knitting, crocheting, playing on your iPad?  Did you pack everything away before you went to bed?

The simple things like making a cup of coffee then become difficult.  You boil the kettle and steam spew from the kettle, what would happen if someone came in just after that. Would they think the house is damp?  With the smell of coffee, the old selling trick that everyone knows, will the potentials realise you were merely making a coffee.  Then you have the teaspoon that has to be washed, dried and put away immediately.  Sitting in front of the TV, as soon as the coffee has been drunk, the cup has to be washed and put away or placed in dishwasher.

Then, of course, there is cooking.  My goodness me, what a mess we all make when we cook.  You may think it is just a few pots and pans, but try clearing that away before you eat.  Then putting your plates away and ensuring the kitchen is showroom ready before you sit down to rest for the evening.

Living like a ghost with others when selling a house

If you have other people in the house, then they have to live like a ghost too.  However, trying to explain the importance of putting things away, not making a mess and being adaptable to someone else’s schedule is dire.

What about daily living, when on earth are you meant to be able to do your washing.  Most of us work and need to do a few loads of washing every week, but when?

Selling a house comes with questions

Then there are the constant questions from everyone.

  • How much are you asking for your house?
  • How much did you buy it for and when?
  • What will you make from it?
  • Have you had any viewings?
  • What is the feedback from the viewings?
  • What are you going to do if it doesn’t sell?
  • Where are you going to move?
  • When do you want to move?
  • How much will you take?
  • What is the asking price, will you move from that?

Selling a home is stressful

These questions would seem okay if they weren’t all together and from almost everyone, you know all the time.  Saying that you hadn’t thought about this or that doesn’t seem to appease them.  The truth is, those of us who are selling a house are exhausted from all the questions, we don’t want to talk about it.  We know the house is for sale, we are asking ourselves all these questions and you know what, WE DONT HAVE THE FLIPPIN ANSWERS.

Selling a house comes with suggestions

One of the worst things about selling a house is the number of recommendations you get.  From everyone! No matter if you asked for help or not.

  • Paint the front door for curb appeal
  • Estate agents are rubbish sell it yourself
  • It won’t sell unless you put in a new kitchen
  • You don’t need a new kitchen, spend the money on a modern bathroom
  • You should paint all the rooms
  • Don’t paint the rooms its a waste of your time and money; the new owners will only repaint it
  • Tidy your garden
  • Get a sofa to show the room is big enough to take a sofa
  • Remove the chest of draws so people can see wall space
  • Don’t leave laundry out
  • Declutter your house, people don’t have an imagination, they need to envisage their ‘things’ there
  • Don’t take out the character of the house you are selling a lifestyle
  • Get your neighbours to tidy their gardens

Stress of Selling a houseListen to me, we know all this, we are not stupid.  We are just trying to keep our lives on course.  We are selling a house, but we still need to go to work, still have family commitments and everything else you have.  Give us a break, please.  Why not just say how are you doing today? Don’t ask about the selling a house unless we start the conversation.  You know what, we know its stressful, we are living it.  We know that you once sold a house and bought one, bully for you.

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