How to set up a business

This book is an introduction on how to start your own business, but takes a very piratical view of starting the business.  We will be looking at where your career is currently, where you would like to go and what aspirations you have.

What do you love doing? What are you passionate about?

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  • Do you think about it before you go to bed?
  • Does your mind wander and you end up thinking about it?
  • Do you wake up thinking about it?
  • Could you make money from it?

Beware, this book requires work, it requires attention and once you have completed the numerous exercises in this book you will have an understanding of what you want your business to look like, what you want to do in your business and more importantly a starting place for your business.

This book expects attention, it wants you to be successful and it wants you to be awesome.

What's in this book

Section One - About You

  • What are your skills and where is your niche your market? Let’s find out about you.

Section Two - Sales and Marketing

  • Sales and Marketing, which will include Networking. It’s not a dirty word and you will love it, I promise.

Section Three - Finance

  • Finance, yes we will have to discuss money and this is where
    we are going to find out all about you and your finances.

Section Four- Running Your Business

  • Running your business and what you should do and why
    not forgetting your most important client – you.

Developing a Marketing Strategy

Marketing can be an awful lot of fun… or it can be incredibly frustrating. The most crucial part of marketing is having a strategy or plan. Just as you wouldn’t get into your car and drive without having an idea of where you want to go and why you want to go there, you cannot market your business without a strategy. Think of it as your roadmap for marketing success.

For instance, your long-term goal may be to talk at a networking luncheon. That may be broken into an immediate goal of exploring different networking groups, a short term goal of joining a networking group and a mid-term goal of asking for a place on the speaking agenda of an upcoming meeting.

Contracts and Terms and Conditions

Creating your terms and conditions may seem like a complex and tedious task to carry out, but it is vital that you protect both yourself and your business to avoid losing clients over a misunderstanding and avoid unexpected legal costs.

To create a contract, you can use your Headed Paper and confirm the services you are going to offer, the price as shown below. You must also include your own Terms and Conditions, this is your protection and sets out the rules that you work to and by.