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Back at Slimming World

Slimming World welcomed me back with open arms

OK, let’s be honest here.  I tried to diet on my own last year and it worked to some extent. However, if I am honest, I didn’t really get anywhere. There was some success, I lost a few pounds here and there and put more on! Then a happy coincidence occurred, you could say serendipity. I attended my Doctors for a blood test and the very nice nurse brought the conversation around to diet. You know you are overweight when the nurse asks you about weight! After a few moments of panic and total shock, I mentioned that I am trying to lose weight. I explained that I am finding it difficult doing it alone as it is hard work. She then mentioned I could join Slimming World for a 12-week programme that would be paid for by them. Well, what an opportunity. I jumped at the chance.

Slimming World or Weight Watchers Hurdles

There are a few hurdles that you have to go through to get this free pass to Slimming World or Weight Watchers.  Firstly, you need to be overweight. This may be one of the easiest hurdles to complete. However, you have to have a certain BMI before you are considered overweight and I just managed to fulfil that requirement. (That’s my story and I am going to stick to it).  Then you need to have your blood pressure checked and your weight recorded. After that, a recommendation is passed to the weight loss partners where a telephone interview is given. The interview was very simple and consisted of three questions:

  1. Have you been offered a weightloss package before, you can only have one package of weight loss help in a 24 month period. (Easy, No I have not)
  2. Are you committed to losing weight (Yes)
  3. Do you know which club you would like to attend (Yes Slimming World)

After qualifying a letter/certificate is then sent to you via the post.

I have a Slimming World meeting in my town that is about a 15-minute walk from my home. I was a member of that group about 6 years ago. However, I decided to drive to the next town, its only 10 minutes by car. The decision was that if I am going to be serious about losing weight I want to make an effort.  Driving to the group gives me the time to take a few minutes to think about me, think about what I am doing and what I want to do. I found that walking into the class made it easy to get in, weight and then leave. If you drive somewhere, subconsciously you want to make it worthwhile. So I will be staying in the class after the weight in.

Slimming World welcomed me back like a long lost friend

The first meeting was interesting. I was the only new member as it was a few weeks before Christmas. I made the decision to join before Christmas as I was worried that I would overeat during Christmas.  As a result of joining before Christmas, I knew I had to be careful during the festive period.  I am glad I joined then as I have had time to read and understand what is expected of me during the diet.


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