Surveyors Report on my house - The second viewing of my cottage

The second viewing of my Cottage took place last Saturday.  Which involved my lodger having to vacate the cottage for an hour and a half. Lucky she had a lunch appointment with a friend, but still spent two hours titivating the cottage beforehand. According to the estate agent, the viewing seemed to goRead More →

Surveyors Report on my house scared my buyer I have had a surveyors report on my house, the purchaser of my cottage was kind enough to send me a copy.  On the whole, I didn’t know what to expect from the report so decided not to worry about it. MyRead More →

Does the colour of a door matter

The Colour of a front door should be a very simple decision. After all, it’s just a door. However, this is a complicated decision when choosing the colour of a front door. The door to a home is a private emotive issue.  Why so complicated?   Why are you changingRead More →