Surveyors Report on my house - The second viewing of my cottage

The second viewing of my Cottage took place last Saturday.  Which involved my lodger having to vacate the cottage for an hour and a half. Lucky she had a lunch appointment with a friend, but still spent two hours titivating the cottage beforehand. According to the estate agent, the viewing seemed to go very well. The couple and their parents loved the cottage. They loved the long garden, the old-fashioned neighbourhood feel. They liked the feel of the cottage and the new decorations, which they had noticed. The more modern house couldn’t offer the garden and neighbourhood feel, my cottage has.

Where does this leave me after the second viewing of my Cottage?

Where does this leave me after the second viewing of my cottage? Nowhere. I am still waiting to hear, four days later. I have no idea if they are interested in purchasing my cottage. Nevertheless, the estate agent has said that they are interested in putting in an offer, but I have not heard anything else. According to the estate agent, they are trying to get the funds together. I would have thought that the finances would have been in place before they started to look! If not, how do they know what price of property you can view? This, of course, begs the question, if they are searching for the finances, will the offer they have, be enough for me. The most peculiar thing about buying and selling houses is that you are relying on the person below you to offer a reasonable price for your property. Then the person above you to sell their property at a discount to you.

Left in Limbo

Once again left in limbo. Still having to live like a ghost and with most of my valued positions in storage. The new lifestyle I can see in my mind’s eye so close, yet dependant on so many other people.  Which leaves me feeling vulnerable, at risk and out

Paint the front door for curb appeal if you are selling a house ready for the Second Viewing of my Cottage

of control. My life is on hold and at the mercy of complete strangers who have no idea who I am. They could walk past me in the street and have no idea about the life I want to live. The fact that they have walked through my house, judged it, snooped, admired it means nothing to them. I am a stranger to them.  My cottage has been viewed, poked and prodded, my current place of safety has been left bare to be viewed and criticised. Yet, I still pick up the telephone, call the estate agent, and ask if anyone else has shown any interested in my little cottage.

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