Virtual PA

VA Handbook
Do you want to become a Virtual Assistant but not sure where to start.

Why should I become a Virtual PA?

A Virtual PA is very similar to employing an office manager or PA in any business except you are not physically in a clients office.  An experienced Virtual PA is a skilled and competent administrative assistant, secretarial and office manager rolled into one.  Our team of Virtual PAs tend to work from our full equipped office in Oxfordshire helping our clients to relieve stress, paperwork and everyday office procedures.  However we do have a number of Virtual Assistants that work remotely for us.


What can a Virtual PA do for me?

Hiring a Virtual PA is the perfect solution for administrative support without the worry of employment law and regulations.  Our highly experienced Virtual PAs and Virtual Assistants offer a arrange of secretarial and administrative support that can be hired on an hourly, daily, weekly or project basis, which is the beauty of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual PAs are highly skilled and have help their clients to become more productive, more profitable and focused on their business.  They are able to travel to their clients home based office, see them in a mutually convenient location or work from their own office, which ever suites the VA.

What does a Virtual Assistant need to have/be?

  • As a Virtual PA you will needs to be proactive within your business and want to find out more about your clients business and how you can help them (we call this a good work ethic).
  • As a Virtual PA must have a good understanding of the English language as you will be representing your client, if you deal with other nationalities ensure they speak that language as well.
  • As a Virtual PA should be extremely organised and help your clients to get organised
  • As a Virtual PA you will need to be adaptable and work within your clients business regime to help them create new procedures and policies that suites them.
  • As a Virtual PA you will also need to be able to turn their hand at any task your client will ask of you.
  • For more help in choosing to be a Virtual PA or Virtual Assistant see my useful book entitled ‘Becoming A Virtual Assistant and Avoid the Mistakes I made‘.